Letting Students Stand More In The Classroom Could Help Them Focus

Do you know standing desks can help students focus and concentrate more in the classroom? It is true according to some studies. In fact, it has been seen that allowing students the freedom to sit or stand increases their engagement and offer many other benefits too. Let’s firstly discuss what actually standing desks are. They are kind of tool or model that let user sit or stand according to their wish. Standing desks have gained popularity in many workplaces. Now some schools are also embracing this tool.

This thing came into play as it was observed that in schools, students spend much time in sitting, whether they are traveling to school or back to school, or they are sitting in the class, they spend more than fifty percent of the school day sitting. This drained their activeness. So, it became important to minimize sedentary time among school kids. We all are aware that sedentary life can lead to a mélange of health issues such as diabetes, obesity, etc. In fact, according to some researchers, such life also links to low self-esteem and poor academic achievements.

A study was done in which researchers equipped some classrooms with standing desks. Students as well as teachers were given no specific instructions but were told about the standing desks. So, after a month, thirty percent students stood the majority of the time whereas the remaining seventy percent never used their stools. It was reported in the findings of Monica L. Wedel, who is the co-author of the study.

So according to this study, it was founded that most of the students wanted to be standing. In fact, they did not want to sit still. Well, there are many benefits of standing desks for students such as they focus more and are more attentive because standing increases blood circulation, which in turn lead to high alertness. You will be surprised to know that standing desks also proved to be helpful for ADHD students when it comes to learning. So, this is the reason why research suggests including standing desks not only in schools but corporate offices too. Take a moment to browse HealthIQ.com and explore a variety of interesting quizzes on other health tips and tricks.