Too Few Higher Ed Employees Engaged With Work

A new report by Cornerstone OnDemand and Ellucian in partnership with the Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group takes a closer look into the importance of keeping higher education employees engaged in their work, focusing on how to reverse the current trend that suggests an increasing number of professionals are feeling disengaged. The report, “Empowering […]

Journalism Classes Appear to Increase Civic Engagement

A new study suggests that students who enroll in a journalism class may be more likely to vote. Published by two University of Kansas professors, the study, “Civic implications of secondary school journalism: Associations with voting propensity and community volunteering,” found that students who participate in journalism classes in high school were more likely to choose […]

Remedial Education Too Common and Costly, Report Says

A recently released report from the Center for American Progress has examined the remedial education system currently in place in the United States, calling it a “black hole” from which students are unlikely to pull themselves out of. The report, “Remedial Education: The Cost of Catching Up,” states that millions of students enroll in college each […]